Monday, August 8, 2011

Just as I was in the pool, I felt the water warming me up. I walked around and diving for 1 minute till Mr Berton came. He sat on the area the side of the steps and face in-front of us. We all line in the middle and put our hands on our heads as Mr Berton told us to do it when ever we talked or playing. First we start off with the torpedo which we put our hands straight up in the air and swim at side of the pool. I pushed myself to the end of the pool. I got there as fast as I could and feeling that was fast because it like just 15feet across. The second game is aqua-jogging. Mr Berton gave us 2 minute to play. I quickly rushed to Maria and asked her if she want to play with me and she said okay. We race around, walked and diving. It was the enjoyable time.. Soon afterwards we line up to going out. I had a great learning time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two weeks holidays

Were back and I’m back. I had such a fun time during holidays and I’m ready to start a new learning.
There’s a new swimming pool in the court and many of us looking forward to see if I can float or sink in the pool, .
I sure me and my family will enjoy the Rugby world cup, I think.Dan Carter is great player.