Friday, June 17, 2011


On Thursday, Room 7 carried out some amazing science as we tested what would float and sink. I took out my Integrated Studies book set out the page into columns. Then, I wrote the items which iI would test including crayons,rubber,pen,pebbles,banana and kiwi fruit. Secondly, I wrote down what I thought, a prediction, "would it sink or float". Thirdly, we tested it what will happened. Miss Ana fill the water it to a container and then we put all the items in it. We all looked and gathered inside and looked. We tested all the items and correct the things that I wrote down and put a cross what a mistake is.

I sure I learn more about boyance and displacement of water and look at what Archemedes learnt about water.

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  1. It is good that in science you are studying floating and sinking as a famous mathematician called Archimedes identified why things float and sink. You should research about "Archimedes principle” and yes 1 cubic CM of water has a weight of 1 gm.