Thursday, July 7, 2011

Issue about the Court

I am speaking to you today because there’s a issue about the netball or basketball court.

It is my view that the courts at school should remain open for general use at break times.

First of all,are there any alternatives? We can’t play on the field because it is to muddy and we going to get dirty as well as damage the grass. So there needs to be a hard dry place to play and be active. It is clear if we are having netball in our school where were is the training going to happen. The hall is boring for training and no hoops pole. “We need the court Mrs Tui for the training netball girls to play and many people agree with me”!.

Secondly I see that boys like basketball, shooting hoops and some of us playing volley the other side because the netball girls only use the half court. Some of the boys from room 6 are playing touch ball and room7. This court is massive and we all can fit inside to play.

Mrs Tui this court we need more for sport to play to relax our brains from the other learning.

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