Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Baseball

“Get to your group guys” began CJ. As we get organize my
own group, we started on the field first. Then the another group started hit one at the time up. BANG! the ball went
up high and drop on the ground then they jump up cheering for there mates. Run Siliva Run!. Home run!
my team shout anxiously. Eneasi through the ball and CJ
catch but it too late. When they got there 3 strike, we switch over .We take turn to hit but it always got out. Then we switch over again. I went on the base 3. Siliva came up
and CJ through the ball . Bang! The ball came straight to me I catch it and it slip off I quickly grab it .Base 2! they shouted .I through the ball to david ,he catch it . Your out!
yelled CJ. We all jumped up, nice going Nayan.” Nice throughing” said cj. Then the another one came up again
which is Solomona. He swung the bat and then BANG!. It came right at me again I grab it and through fast as I could to David . YOUR OUT! . Robertanna tap her hand at me. “Nice going”. “Good job Nayan”, said CJ. Then Catherine came up. CJ through the ball and then it went up high where I stood. I twisted my hand to catch it. STRIKE THREE. My team jump up with an excited and I’m really
happy too. We switched over third time and keep on going
until it finished.

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