Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Duffy Assembly

“Okay class it’s time to go to the Duffy display”said Mr Hooker. We all lined up in two lines on the veranda of our second classroom and walk all the way to the hall, as usual there were those who could not stop chattering so stopped a few times. We went inside without any noise and sit down ready for the show.

Then after a few minutes Mr Mac, Mr Coakley and Mrs Beverley Wright came in and sat on the chairs upfront, the place of honour. Angelica was our compare for the gathering and she stood up before she asked everyone to stand so we could sing the school song . Then we all sat down and once the guest were comfortably seated Mr Coakley stood up and spoke about our guests and then he invited Mrs Wright to say a few words. Mrs Wright told she always read the ‘thank you’ letters she got from St Pius X School and they told as that as a Duffy book sponsor it was her way of saying thanks to all the people who had helped him during her life. After that, Mr Mac came up and told us about his book that he published.

So he begin to tell us about his writing and how you made a book in a A4. He folded the A4 paper and write. Then he started to asked people some question. He’s funny when he act like little kid and he asked 4 people to come up to read.

After about 25 minutes, Mr Mac gave a certificates to 4 people that read the book and ,After that Angelica asked Mr Mac. “Would you come up to give out each of the class Duffy books”. Mr Coakley came up and begin to give out the Duffy book which is on the table beside at him.

As the Duffy books has given out finish. We sang the Duffy song.  Mr Mac came up with Mrs Beverly and dance upfront and all the children laughing. After that, they went back and we all get ready for the Lunch time.

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