Friday, April 1, 2011

ATHLETICS Practice- Teamwork

"Line up room7" said Ms Oldfield. She looked disappointed. Ms Oldfield was so angry as was she's trying to settle her class and we came out with a noisy sound like we don't care, I was walking out like a normal person not like most of the others . I know that Ms Oldfield hated this
behaviour. At 14.20 pm after we got organize, I feel so sorry about Ms Oldfield about her disaster week and I will prove her next week a good behaviour makes her feel excited. It took us in 20 minute to get from that class room to the field and there was so many of us. As we got into our groups,I was the first leader. My group included 17 people then Ms Oldfield said “half it “ like I'm doing subtraction. "Ready" said Mr Gaffney who blew the whistle. He blew the whistle loudly so other groups could hear it, I ran fast as I could, round the cone, run to the other cone and fast as I could to the end where my team was waiting. As the game finished I could see we had won and jump up with an exciting feeling . We had a lot of fun.

As we walked back to class I could see that Mr Hooker and Mr Coakley had been watching us race around the ground but I wonder if they saw us take so long to move from our classes to the sports field? I don’t think I ask them.

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