Thursday, July 7, 2011


MY HOLIDAY ….a break from the classroom!

During my holiday vacation time in April 20 2011, we had such a busy long day. We went to my uncle’s house which is at Mangere on the other side of the Auckland isthmus. In the morning 9:00 am, I woke up early, yes early for holidays. My parent’s were up already and they were outside talking. I went to brush my teeth before washing dishes after that I thought I have a moment to rest. It’s usually my duty every morning and cleaning up the sitting room.

After I finished washing the dishes my mum called out from outside the house to get changed double quick as we were going in a minute. So I went to shower and change.Then my sister’s just woke up.My mum came to shower them and put on their clothes.

I was so busy finding my shoes and my brother,Jonah, keep sitting there watching TV. Every morning he always watching TV and I keep telling him to stop watching and get ready. It like a hypnotized him. That it
“IONA GET UP NOW” I shouted.

As we all seemed organized we went into the car. We headed to Super Value to buy some pies and freeze drinks. After that were on the road to Mangere, it took about 30 minuted through the morning traffic to get there, it was a nice idea to visit my uncle’s house. As we arrive, my little sisters open the door and raced outside. I walked into the sitting room and watch the TV. WOW! 40 min past, so I cruised into the next room to play with my little cousin , she was still a baby,on the bed. I carried her around , but she keep crying. So I gave up and passed her into the arms of my Mum.

The sky was getting dark and it was 6:00 pm. My dad said “we have to go because it getting dark” . Then we went home. I had a little nap and rest as we drove back to Glen Innes after a long day.

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