Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anzac Letter

14th April
7 Rose Way
Auckland 1072

Dear Dad,
How's it going?
Tell mum I miss her.
Please tell Uncle John that I'm okay. I miss being at home and if I did not realize it before I know now that being a soldier is a hard job.
We travel around the countryside as we moved position and we never had enough food to eat. My first war was not okay, thousand men disappear in horrific mud and get hurt.
It was raining too hard to see the enemy positions last night and lots of bombs exploding up high in the air so I hide inside our dugout. I think it will be hard to survive this fight as long as the fighting is so intense. I was sort of scared when the gun shoot missed me this morning . The sound of the morning shelling is deafening as they go BOOM. I'm training to get ready for the next battle. Wish me luck. Love. Sam

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