Friday, June 3, 2011

Mary Makillop

The Theater at St Pius X Catholic School.

Mary MacKillop is a famous Australian who said “ never see a need without doing something about it” and she finally came to St Pius X on Thursday. Mr Coakley announced to the assembly of children “Okay school have a good time and enjoy the show”.

We line up and went in. As I went in ,all the chairs rounded like a circle and a space in the middle where room 3, 2, 1 sit. It looked like a theater and then a very interesting painting hanging on the back-drop. Mrs Tui let us sit in pattern(Girl,boy,girl,boy), was this a quick algebra lesson or more about stopping us joking about. I sat in between Emmanuel and Siliva, waiting for the show start. It went quiet.

Mary Makillop appeared on the stage dressed in a habit of a nun. She’s very good actor and a very fabulous voice. Mr Scott came up with a billy cart and Mary Makillop jumped up with an exciting feeling, when she sees the billy cart. She sat in the billy cart and Mr Scott push her straight in the direction of the 3 bucket is build up like a House . She crash into it and jump up said “I love Billy Cart” “I love Billy Cart” ..5 times.

Mary Mackillop helped poor people with their family and from this example others followed her and the Sisters of St Joseph was formed with a nick name of Josephites.

And my favourite part that there’s a little girl had a little baby brother. A little girl is 12 years old. So I watch carefully as the girl dad arrive home, he search every where for the nurse and then she asked her daughter and she said back. “I FIRED HER”. What! her dad was shocked. Why!. Because she was drunk and hold my little brother on her hands.So I fired her.At that time, I imagine what if I saw a person who’s drunk with my little baby sister holding.

After all I watch through stories about Mary Makillop. I just learnt many
things important from Mary MacKillop displayed. I can see how kind to others, support and strong faith in god.And everyone applauding and cheering for the two of them. So now I know, Mary MacKillop is a person has a strong faith in God.

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